The map above shows the prevalence of multiple cardiometabolic conditions in the Chicago region

The C3EN is looking for innovative solutions to reduce health disparities in populations with multiple chronic conditions.  We recognize that solutions to these problems will require partnerships with community-based organizations and local care providers in order to link “on the ground” experience with scientific knowledge and methods.

The Mission of C3EN is to address the following priorities in partnership with community stakeholders:

  • Identify solutions to address inequities in multiple chronic conditions in Chicagoland area, with a particular focus on cardiometabolic health.
  • Understand the role of contextual/intersectoral factors (e.g. neighborhood, social determinants of health, mental health) on development of multiple chronic conditions and the effectiveness of interventions to reduce inequities in those health conditions.
  • Engage community partners in a meaningful way throughout all phases of the research cycle.
  • Stimulate collaborations across academic institutions, clinics, regions and community organizations